A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

r.e.B.E.R.t.h. is a story driven, side-scrolling, musical shooter led by a small team of former developers and artists from Harmonix (Guitar Hero and Rock Band), iNiS (Elite Beat Agents and LIPS), and Fire Hose Games (co-developers of Rock Band Blitz). With them is composer Larry Hong, a student at Berklee College of Music, and Evan Quinlan, an accomplished software developer. Together, with the help of Sonic Bloom's Koreographer tech, they are building their vision of a truly interactive musical experience: a game where the music actively drives the game, and the game changes the music.

The team is creating a truly unique game experience where just about every aspect of the game synchronizes to the and the music is altered by game events. The music score becomes a driver for all in-game events allowing Composer Larry Hong to simultaneously design levels. Percussion becomes laser fire, melodies pace the action, and tempo changes shift the game dynamics; all in real time. Think; "Game linked to its music score" and think less like "rhythm game."

In r.e.B.E.R.t.h., you play Mel, a refugee seeking escape from her home planet as it falls to a controlling, galactic order. Mel narrowly escapes the destruction of her planet, armed only with her ship, and an inherited ability to see the Background Energy of Reality: an energy that stems from the threads of The Universe itself and manifests to those who can perceive it as music. Mel is on a path to discover the root of the devastation that befell her homeworld and reunite with her family.

Install instructions

reBERth's MIMIA build was built to show-off an early version of the vertical slice developed to showcase the features and story of the reBERth game. It run's as a standard executable, but has limited testing performed on the build. Performance and compatibility is not indicative of the final product.

The exe should extract directly from the zip file. There are no special instructions to run the build. Just throw on a pair of headphones and enjoy the game.

NOTE: This is only meant for personal consumption. Please do not distribute to friends, family, or more broadly. The content of the game is wholly owned by the reBERth Team, and abuses of the content, be it copied, or redistributed, will be pursued by legal action.

Plus, we're all doing this as a passion project until later funding. Please respect the work we are doing to get this experience to you. We promise, we'll be aiming to make this even better. Just don't take away our work.


reBERthUnity_MIMABuild.app.zip 74 MB
reBERthUnity_MIMABuild.zip 104 MB